5 skirts every elegant woman over 25 should own.

When you went through four years of college wearing jeans like I did, the minute you discover your liking for skirts, there’s usually no turning back. Unlike these fashionistas of today that turn lecture theaters into their runway, my primary concern apart from stocking up on more ramen noodles, was fighting the demon that tried to convince me to sleep more instead of attending lectures. I therefore had no energy for tutus and pleats hence I thank Levi Strauss for his invention of denim. The turning point in my love affair with skinny and stretchy denim came when I started working. I now had a dress code to adhere to, important meetings to attend, people to see and influence and dates to go to thus Levi’s invention could no longer suffice. I would initially shy away from dresses and skirts in favour of slacks but once I tried on a few skirts, I fell in love with how feminine my slim figure appeared. These are my go to skirts for any and every occasion that calls for one.

5. Satin pleated midi skirt. 

Pleated midi skirts are popular right now and easy to pair with a bodysuit for a date night or an office shirt for a chic day at work. Go with glossy and metallic either from satin or polyester. Depending on your style, this could be a solid colour or bold animal or other type of print. A few of these will turn an ordinary girl into a style icon.


4. The Tutu skirt.

From being considered only appropriate for flower girls and little ballerinas, my favourite tulle has made its way back into women's fashion. You can easily stand out at a wedding, religious gathering, brunch with the girls or date night. Big bold, colourful puffy tutus are back in! Get one!



3. Plaid pencil skirt.

Plaids have a way of giving the girl next door the Gigi Hadid look that allows her to turn heads at every step. These work for both office as well as bold street wear for any occasion. Choose a front or back slit to fit your style.


2.The Bodycon

The bodycon is one type of skirt that never goes out of style, so for days when you feel like flaunting what your mama gave ya, there should be a bodycon in your closet for that. Pair it with a non-revealing bodysuit or blouse to achieve a non-trashy, chic look.


1.A PU leather skirt

A good quality PU leather skirt is a must have this season. But it is also a fancy that refuses to go out of fashion. Therefore you don't have to worry about moving it to the very back of your closet next season. 

And for the bonus: A bold print 

The reason the bold print did not make it's way on the official list is because I do not believe every chic woman should own one. It may not work at office work for many profession and many may shy away from donning it on a first date. But it is great for the daring trendsetter.






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